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Consultation, design and implementation of sandwich panels in Iran

Consultation, design and implementation of sandwich panels in Iran

نصب سقف سوله در شیراز

With the passage of time and the increasing progress in all kinds of businesses and industries, most people who intend to implement a project do not do anything without the necessary research and advice. Every project is designed by efficient and expert people in such a way that it will have multiple answers and this need is met in different ways.

Kimia Panel Company relies on an expert and experienced engineering team and by providing necessary consulting services in the field of project cost estimation, calculations, design, construction and implementation, always strives to provide useful and productive information to its customers.

ساندویچ پانل سقفی در شیراز

It should be noted that if you need advice, the first step is to check the project, application, geographic location, scale and other relevant factors and provide them to the experts of Kimia Panel so that you can get the best results and feedback.

The sandwich panel has a composite structure, which is limited to steel sheets covered with aluminum and zinc on both sides, the steel sheets are very resistant to corrosion, and the zinc part is covered with a primer layer and 25 micron polyester paint.


In the middle core, the rigid polyurethane insulation layer with closed cells is placed. Polyurethane structure is in the category of the best thermal and sound insulation. Today, the whole world is rapidly moving towards superior quality in construction, and the use of this product is increasing day by day.

Design department: Kimia Panel’s engineering design department, with the benefit of experienced and skilled staff, is trying to produce the most beautiful designs with its technical knowledge and architectural vision, with efficient performance in line with the realization of the needs of the employers. After consulting and receiving information The necessary design steps related to the project are carried out in the following way.


1) Presentation of the plan with the overall volume and initial plans


2) Providing architectural and structural maps


3) Providing facility maps


4) Material estimation and execution time


In order to carry out small projects, there is no need for detailed plans with details, it is enough to communicate with the design unit of Kimia Panel company about the project and get the mentioned information about the structure or profile.


Implementation of all kinds of sandwich panels

After providing advice, designing and making a sandwich panel, it is very important to implement and install the sandwich panel, which includes the main part and should be done in the field of ceiling and wall, mostly contractors and non-specialists due to lack of experience and necessary skills They have given a big blow to this industry. An experienced installer can install ceiling and wall sandwich panels and refrigerator sandwich panels along with their flushing.


Polyurethane sandwich panel is used to cover the walls and ceilings of the poultry house and prefabricated buildings, kennels, cold storage, clean room, airplane hangars. The insulation used in this structure is very sensitive because the issue of sealing and air sealing is quality assurance. it’s too important.


Projects need special knowledge for implementation. The information collected in addition to implementation is very necessary and essential in the subject of design and cost estimation. Considering the products of Kimia Panel, the designers of this company are well suited with various materials, including poly sandwich panels. Urtan has knowledge and expertise in the fields of cold storage above zero and below zero, freezing tunnels, industrial and sports halls and refrigeration systems.

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