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What is density?

The word “density” is widely seen in the range of sandwich panels. Regarding the construction and purchase of sandwich panels, this word has been heard a lot from sellers, and you may have these questions: What is density? And what is its use? Today we are going to provide you with proper information on sandwich panel density and its effect.

What is density?

Density is actually the same as density, density shows the amount of mass compression. The higher the density, the higher the density. Density is the ratio of the mass parameter to the object and has a direct relationship with the mass, and the greater the mass, the greater the density and the smaller the amount of small holes inside it. As a result, it is more compact and its resistance is greater. In fact, density is a parameter to measure the strength of materials.

چگالی ساندویچ پانل

Application of density in sandwich panel

According to the mentioned materials, density means the density and compression of the mass of the object, since the construction tools and materials are related to the structure, their resistance and strength are very important.

Sandwich panels have a layered structure that consists of three layers, two layers of sheets that are made of galvanized, aluminum or aluzinc, which are embedded on both sides, and the middle layer that is polyurethane foam and is insulated.


The density is the degree of compression of the middle core, which is of particular importance. The sandwich panel is usually 2 to 25 cm thick and is in accordance with the customer’s order, and it is usually used in all kinds of wall and ceiling panels. The optimal density for sandwich panel is between 40 and 42 kg/m3.


Each panel has a different application based on the components, hidden screw sandwich panels are another example that can be mentioned in the construction of wall panels without grooves or in clean room wall panels.

The middle core of the sandwich panel has a different density due to the type of their use, and it should be noted that the higher the density of the panel, the greater the mass of the object and the weight changes accordingly, and this is an important and influential factor in the characteristics of the sandwich panel. Is

The effect of density on sandwich panel performance

In general, the strength, resistance and impermeability of the sandwich panel depends on the foam and the density, the higher the quality, the higher the density and its resistance to natural factors such as cold, heat, heat, humidity and noise pollution… It will be more. So, the higher the density, the stronger the insulation, and if the density of the wall panels is higher, the thermal resistance is good, but on the contrary, sound absorption and transmission increases with the decrease of the density, good insulation is equal to sound.

The effect of density on the price of panels

The price of sandwich panel depends on many factors such as dimensions, length, width and thickness. It is not possible to determine a specific price, and the density is not without influence on the price, usually for a clean room, sandwich wall panels with high density are the best option, because a clean room is of particular importance, it should be of good quality. Be created.


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