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Investigating the reasons for the strength of sandwich panels in Iran

Investigating the reasons for the strength of sandwich panels in Iran

کیمیا پانل در شیراز

Sandwich panel is a new structure that is very well-known among structural engineers and architects today and is among the most efficient and efficient structures.

One of the questions that may arise in the mind of most people is why sandwich panel? What are the reasons for the strength of sandwich panel?


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The strength of this modern structure has several reasons that will be explained further below.


1.The first reason and in fact the most important factor that makes the sandwich panel strong is the material of the panel sheets, which is worth mentioning. Styrene is the material used in the middle core, it is very light. The main structure of this insulation is space, and it acts as heat insulation, and for this reason, it has a high resistance to fire.


2.The expected life span for this structure is at least 50 years, which is proof of the strength and endurance of the structure. Because the sandwich panel needs to be assembled for construction.

If a defect or a problem occurs in some parts of the structure, the defective part can be easily replaced with a healthy one, and even this problem cannot affect other parts of the structure, and as a result, the durability and life span will increase.


  1. The middle core of the sandwich panel consists of polyurethane or polystyrene insulation. This insulation has strengthened the structure. Maybe this question will arise for you, how is it very resistant despite the light insulation?

This insulation is limited to metal alloy sheets on both sides. Since the outer layers are made of steel, they have made the structure durable and resistant. The side sheets are produced in three types: galvanized, aluminum, and aluzinc.


Intermediate insulation is completely resistant to the natural factors of cold, heat, sound, and humidity, and for this reason, it has many applications. .

As explained in the beginning about the structure of the sandwich panel, the criteria that are important in the construction of the structure is the level of resistance and strength of the structure, which occurs as a result of the use of high-quality and strong materials.


Sandwich panel is a new and useful structure that is known as prefabricated structures and is a durable material. The middle part of the panel is polyurethane foam which is considered as insulation and the density of polyurethane insulation is 40+_2 and polystyrene foam is about 20+_2.


Features of sandwich panels

Sandwich panel is very useful and efficient due to its unique features. These features include:

The most important factor for building a structure is resistance, longevity and high durability, which is guaranteed as a result of using quality materials. A good structure is resistant to natural factors such as landslides, floods, storms, strong winds, corrosion and damage from insects and fire, and it has also been proven that it does not lose its resistance over long distances and over time.

Easy installation: one of the important factors of this structure is ease of transportation. Easy implementation and installation is possible in any condition and the installers can carry out assembly and assembly of the structure in any condition.

Due to its good criteria, it can be used in the construction of wall and ceiling sandwich panels and used to cover the walls and ceilings of sheds and industrial and non-industrial structures.

In order to beautify and cover the exterior, different colors and designs can be used, which can be produced according to the customer’s request and needs. To get more information and to estimate the material and price, you can contact Kimia Panel’s experienced consultants.


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