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Buying gutter or Abro in Iran

In the topic of sandwich panel, it can be acknowledged that one of the tools for making a gable roof, which is very widely used, is gutter or abro. This efficient tool can play an important role in collecting water in such a way that the water from the snow or rain that is poured on the roof, after it is collected, is simply placed in the gutter and through the gutter pipes to the designated place. is guided

Abru or roof gutters are produced in various models and designs, and each one will have different costs because they have a suitable weight, their construction, production and installation is done easily and they can be easily installed at heights.




In the implementation of the ceiling sandwich panel, it can be very important to follow some principles in the implementation. The use of gutters or gutters in the roof sandwich panel can be very useful so that the water from rain and snow does not enter the structure and damage the structure. In assembling the structure, observing important and basic points is one of the main factors of implementation and installation.

Abru or Gutter

Gutter or gutter is a prefabricated channel that is installed in the lower part of building roofs, and depending on the type of building, gutters may be produced in various forms. Gutters are produced in London, box, and wick types. Abrohs are made of galvanized sheets with a thickness of four tenths and six tenths of a mil and a length of two to two and a half meters.

Galvanized sheets with a thickness of four tenths of a mile and a length of three meters are of the London type, and galvanized sheets are produced with a length of two meters and two and a half meters and a thickness of four tenths of a mile and six tenths of a mile. And they have various disadvantages. In general, the main purpose of using abra is to direct the surface water of the roof.

But at the same time, it can be mentioned that the effect of water leaves wear and decay for a long time. This is one of the disadvantages of reputation that must be repaired.

To repair the gutter, the exact location of rot and corrosion should be identified and then repair or replace it.

آبرو سقف شیروانی

The gutter of gable roofs

Abro or gutter is made in different colors and designs and depending on the climatic conditions, they have different lengths and thicknesses. But the main use of this structure is not for ordinary roofs and they are only applicable for gable roofs. Abro or gutter is the most used in the construction of sandwich panel roofs. If channels are not used. It causes irreparable damage to the structure over time.

آبرو یا گاتر

The method of performing Abro or Gutter

The installation of gutter channels is very easy, but it should be done by the sandwich panel installer. The efficient installation of the gutter collects rain and snow water and enters the channel, preventing it from penetrating into the surrounding environment.

Gutter implementation is done in several steps. First, the gutter frames are installed through welding, then the edges of the frame are connected. Welding the sheets and bending the forehead to the profiles, which is done in the next steps. Dampa sheet welding and terrace installation completes the execution.


Gutter installation should be done delicately, the welding of gutter frames is done in the last step. After installation, the most important principle in gutter implementation is to correctly place the surface of the gable to the roof so that the connection is made correctly and it can direct the water well to the ground.


As we said, the thickness of the gutter depends on the weather conditions, and people may be hesitant in choosing the gutter.

We suggest you to contact the experts of Kimia Panel for this important matter.


The execution time of Abru channels depends on the size of the structure, but this process usually takes about 10 days. The best way to carry out this process is to coordinate with our consultants and determine the right time.

مسیر آبرو

Sloped roof gutters

One of the belongings of sloping roofs is the gutter or gutter, which directs the water into the channel. Since this product is the gutter, it should be made of round material that does not rot or corrode. Therefore, galvanized sheet is the best option. Because it leads snow and rain into the channel.

Due to weather conditions and lack of cost, it is possible that people want to use ordinary gutters instead of quality gutters, and if the gutters are damaged due to time and place, they need to be repaired. If the sloping gutters are not repaired. It causes damage next to the main door and causes corrosion on the floor. Therefore, to avoid such a problem, it is better to use high-quality materials.

The price of Shirvani roofs

The price of gutters or gutters depends on indicators such as the amount, thickness and type of gutters. The price of these channels does not reflect the quality of the material and is affected by the environmental conditions. In order to get the price, it is necessary to check the environmental conditions first and then determine the price. To inquire about the price, you can refer to our contact page.

You can contact our experts to learn about the types of polyurethane sandwich panels of Kimia Panel, including ceiling and wall sandwich panels, and get the best sandwich panels in Shiraz.

A gutter is considered as a gutter that can be installed on the gable roofs and causes the water collected from rain and snow to be collected and directed outside through these pipes.

Abro or gutter is produced in three different types: London, box, and wick, each of which is used in different situations.

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