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How to install sandwich panel in Iran

How to install sandwich panel in Iran

Another city producing sandwich panels is the city of Shiraz; in other words, the sandwich panels of Shiraz are the same prefabricated materials that have been fully and comprehensively described in the previous content.

Sandwich panel is a modern and new product that is very useful and efficient today. Shiraz Sazeh sandwich panel is a suitable prefabricated structure for the construction industry and a good alternative to traditional materials. Today, the nostalgia of using these products has faded to a large extent. is, by-products in the manufacture of panels are minimized.

The structure of this product is 3 layers, with 2 upper and lower layers of galvanized sheet, aluzinc or aluminum on the sides, and in the central core is a layer of polyurethane insulation, which is an effective insulation for cold and heat.

نحوه نصب ساندویچ پانل

Roof sandwich panel in Shiraz

One of the products of sandwich panel is the type of roof, as the name suggests, this structure is used for the roof. It can be implemented in a simple or patterned way, and it is used in different industries, such as the upper cover of various types of sheds or false ceilings or cold storage… and other cases.

Sandwich wall panel in Shiraz

One of the prefabricated structure products is wall sandwich panel, the sale and supply of wall sandwich panel is very common in Shiraz. This product is very practical for most productions. , mortuary, clean room, all kinds of sheds… The texture of these panels is 3 coherent layers, which is limited by galvanized sheet on both sides, and the middle layer is polyurethane foam, which is a good insulator for heat, sound and It is humidity. The thickness of wall panels is different in all types of structures.

Second hand sandwich panel in Shiraz

Second-hand sandwich panels, as the name suggests, have been used before and are a good option to reduce costs. But it should be noted that this panel model should be chosen carefully because if it has a problem or waste, it will incur more costs. Due to its light structure, this panel is fully movable and can be installed in the shortest possible time. Installed it.

Bolts and nuts are the main tools of these panels, which can be easily installed.

One of the distinctive features of this prefabricated product is its compatibility with the environment, which is clearly recyclable and causes less damage to the environment.

Selling sandwich panels in Shiraz

The most important industrial location in any city is the industrial town, which definitely exists in every city and holds the economic pulse of the city. The large industrial town of Shiraz plays an important role in the industry of Fars province. Most of the sandwich panels are sold in industrial towns.

How to implement a wall sandwich panel

Sandwich panels are available in various types and can be used in small and large structures. The performance of each one is different and the best material should be used.

In the roof of some sandwiches, screws with washers are used, but others use a more special technique that does not require screws. The strength of a structure depends on the strength and materials used. These panels are easy to move and install, but some practical techniques are needed for implementation and installation.

In the first stage, a place should be considered for the components of the sandwich panel. In the next stage, the side materials of these panels are selected, which are definitely metal profiles that are used in the facade of the building to cover seams and doors.

The implementation of wall sandwich panel definitely requires a metal substructure. This substructure is made with the relevant profile and is placed perpendicular to the direction of the sandwich panel implementation. The substructure is determined by our experts at certain intervals before installing the panels and is connected to the substructure with screws. These sandwich panels are produced as a single piece up to 13 meters long.

Installation steps of sandwich panels

1.Before installation, the entrance or windows are determined and cut with a special device.


2.Substructure preparation is done with specific dimensions.


3.Iron profiles are connected by welding.


4.The sandwich panel is connected to the profiles with the help of self-tapping screws.


5.The corners of the wall panels are fixed with the help of drills and screws at the edge of the work.


6.For greater strength of these panels, the seams are filled with polyurethane spray and the next panels are installed before puffing.


7.Wall sandwich panels are leveled after installation to make sure of its smoothness, then they are bolted according to the procedure.


And finally, for more beauty and sealing, flushing is installed.

Types of sandwich panel installation

1.Hidden screw sandwich panel: This type of screws is used in parts that need more beauty. In fact, the desired area is closed and the next panel is placed to cover the screw.

2.Sandwich panel with lock: This model is mostly used as a lock, which is connected by tabs of the panels at the junction of the blocks. These panels are mostly used in cold storage.

3.Male and female sandwich panel: these panels have angles that become coherent when connected, and this panel is placed on the ceiling or wall.

4.Kimia panel factory located in the industrial town of Shiraz produces all kinds of polyurethane sandwich with several years of brilliant experience in the field of wall and ceiling sandwich panel production, installation and execution, production of cold storage equipment, consulting at your service, dear customers.

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