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Iranian sandwich panel

Iran sandwich panel

The Iran sandwich panel produced by the Shiraz Kimia panel factory has the national standard mark of Iran with its registration number, which guarantees its excellent quality and the strength and resistance of your structure. Please let me know the Kimia panel.


Sandwich panel is a prefabricated product that has received a lot of attention from structural engineers and architects. For several decades, this product has been a good choice for structural engineers and architects due to its unique features.

This popular material has become a good alternative to traditional materials. This structure has a composite structure that is limited to galvanized sheet on both sides and the middle layer of polyurethane insulation is placed. Polyurethane insulation is for heat, cold, sound and humidity.


Sandwich panels are available in different sizes and designs and have various uses, which are wall sandwich panels, ceiling sandwich panels, refrigerator sandwich panels, polystyrene sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels, etc.


This product is very versatile, and for this reason, it can be designed according to the customer’s request, their needs, and the type of user.

It should be mentioned that the consultants of Kimia Panel factory are ready to provide service and advice to you dear ones every day and they can choose the most suitable and best type of sandwich panel, taking into account the customer’s needs, the weather and the climate of the region where the structures are going to be placed. You suggest.


Skilled installers and experienced sales staff of this company perform all kinds of services related to the installation of sandwich panels, after-sales services and checking the structure after installation.

To view the products of Kimia Panel Company, you can refer to our channel in Aparat, and also to contact the factory, you can view our contact page.

ساندویچ پانل شیراز

Dear customer, you can contact our consultants for more information about Kimia Panel Shiraz products.

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