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Types of cold storage doors in Iran

According to the information that we have provided to you before, sandwich panels for cold storage consist of two layers of galvanized sheets and a polyurethane middle core with the necessary density and appropriate thickness, which is produced in the range of 8 to 20 cm. The tension of the middle layer It should be at the optimal level to fully maintain its mechanical properties, and it is the best option for storing food, medicine, and health products, and it has the ability to transport and wash easily. Contact the panel in Shiraz and get the best product. To get better quality, contact the Kimia Panel factory, which produces all kinds of sandwich panels in Shiraz, and get the best product.

What is a cold storage door?

One of the types of sandwich panel products is the cold room. The door of the cold room is one of the most important parts that is used to store and preserve the internal materials. The most basic design option of this compartment is its door, which according to the needs The client and the necessary application are designed.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning the minimization of energy, which is achieved by considering the desired door. Because it is necessary to enter less outside air into the interior environment, and also the number of opening and closing of the door increases the amount of energy up to 50. % increases, a standard door should be considered and it will lead to optimization and better performance of the cold storage. In this case, internal materials such as food, medicine will remain fresh and healthy.


Types of cold storage doors

The cold room door is offered in three different types:

  • Hinged door
  • Rail or sliding door
  • Atmosphere control door

Cold storage structure

As we mentioned earlier, cold stores are chambers or rooms in different dimensions and sizes that have mechanical equipment such as evaporators, condensers, and compressors. The goal is to lower the temperature to the required level and keep it constant in order to prevent internal components from spoiling, the temperature of cold storage varies from a few degrees above zero to below zero depending on the type of internal products.

The best type of cold storage door

One of the most prominent tasks of this container is to store the internal materials of this piece, which supports the desired air, and its performance should be such that the internal energy is not wasted and the depreciation of refrigeration systems

is reduced.

According to the mentioned contents, the door should be designed in such a way as to prevent the leakage of heat inside, and according to the need, a special door should be used to minimize energy loss.

Cold storage door fittings

Part of the installation is related to the components of the door, which include the lock, pipe, and handle, which are part of the door fittings and are one of the most important components of the door. For this reason, we try to make it from the best material and high quality, because it has a direct effect on the working process of the door and even the performance of the cold room. It should definitely be of higher quality. Temperature changes should have the necessary resistance.

Application of cold storage door

1) Cold room doors are mainly made with thicknesses of 5 to 17 mm, but in rail cold rooms, they are usually produced with greater thickness.


2) Hinged doors, atmosphere control, sliding thermal elements are used to prevent freezing.


3) In order to consider the door, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of packaging of the products that enter the cold storage compartment.


4) In the cold storages where food storage and oxygen level are in priority, some carbon dioxide gas is injected to reduce the oxygen level, for this reason atmospheric control doors are used.


To order a cold storage, you must first talk to the factory to make this material completely so that you can estimate the necessary cost. Maintaining a cold storage is expensive and requires adequate care, and you should choose the type of cold storage according to your needs.


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انواع درب سردخانه
سردخانه با درب لولایی

Hinged door

One of the oldest and most widely used doors that has been in use ever since and has continued to grow in the field of production is the hinged door. It rotates and all the weight of the door is placed on the hinge. The price of this door is very low and it can be found in abundance. Long service life and easy installation are the advantages of this part. This door consumes high thermal energy. It should be used in places where there is no need to open and close a lot. Due to bearing the pressure and heaviness of the door on one side, it is not suitable for large size, and another disadvantage is that it requires a lot of space to open and close, and it should be produced with standard sizes to have the best efficiency.

سردخانه با درب ریلی یا کشویی

Rail or sliding door

 As the name suggests, the sliding door is placed on a rail and moves linearly along the rail. This door is suitable for compartments that need to be opened and closed frequently. And even because of its features, it can be ordered in large sizes and it does not require a lot of space to open and close. Its distinctive features can be used in most cases.

سردخانه با درب کنترل اتمسفر

Atmospheric control rail door

refrigerators are available in different types and each one has a specific use and is produced according to the customer’s needs. Some refrigerators are containers for storing special fruits and vegetables. It is such that the oxygen must be at the desired level and not exceed a certain limit. Therefore, in order to preserve these materials, measures have been taken to use a type of door that is sliding and a lower amount of oxygen enters from the outside environment and causes the length The life of food will be longer. One of the features of this door is that it opens and closes easily and is highly efficient.

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