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Sandwich panel, one sheet, one paper


Kimia Panel Shiraz is a well-known name in the field of production of polyurethane sandwich panels

Its products include:

Sandwich panel

  • Wall sandwich panel
  • Roof sandwich panel
  • Sandwich panels for cold storage
  • Sandwich panel, one sheet, one paper
  • Sandwich panel with one sheet and one foil
  • Double-sided foil or nylon sandwich panel
  • Sandwich panel, double sided flat wall
  • Hidden screw sandwich panel

What is a sandwich panel, one sheet, one paper?

This sandwich panel consists of two layers, the upper sheet is aluminum, galvanized, or aluzinc, and the lower sheet is kraft paper, the injection insulation between them is made of polyurethane.

The use of kraft paper adds a unique feature to this type of panels, which has made this sheet widely used in construction.


These panels are used in structures that require a false ceiling and are a suitable option for this case. Easy installation and cheap price make it affordable, the sheets used in this panel are trapezoidal, flat and railed.

These panels have wide applications that can be mentioned here:


  • Industrial bins
  • Warehouse halls
  • Prefab villas
  • Clean room
  • Hall of factories


It can be added to the recent material that many factors such as the variation in the dimensions and thickness of the panels have a great impact on the purchase price of these sandwich panels and cause the difference in the price of different types of panels.

What is kraft paper?

It is a type of paper or cardboard that is produced during a chemical process called kraft. This type of paper was invented by the Germans, this cardboard is brown in color and is environmentally friendly because of its appearance. This paper has a nostalgic look and is very popular among customers.

Various trees are used in the production of this paper, such as bamboo, hemp, and pine, which have many uses in this industry.


This paper has unique features that can be completely recycled.

The production process of this paper is such that this pulp is produced according to special chemical processes that are carried out in the factory, and its weight is 40 grams and above. The color of this pulp is light brown due to the production cycle. but by adding white color, it becomes white kraft paper.

ساندویچ پانل یکرو ورق یکرو کاغذ

One of these products is a sandwich panel made of paper.

These panels have different applications based on their characteristics, which include one-sided foil sheet, one-sided paper sheet, and two-sided foil or nylon, which are usually used for installing ceiling panels, especially false ceilings.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the sandwich panel and its advantages.

You can join us for more information.

کاغذ کرافت

What are the advantages of one-sheet and one-paper sandwich panels?

1) Due to the removal of the wall sheet of the one-sheet sandwich panel compared to the two-sheet sandwich panel of this panel

It is light in weight and speeds up transportation and handling.


2) One of the most important features is the reasonable price of this type of panels because there are two panels in the door

Both sides of the sheet are worked and by far this type of sheet is 20% cheaper.


3) These panels are used in places and camps that are supposed to be deployed for a limited time.


4) These panels have a high resistance due to the use of single sheet of single paper and prevent factors such as corrosion, decay, chemical substances and the penetration of harmful insects as well as bacteria and fungi.

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