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Covering the shed with sandwich panels in Iran

Covering the shed with sandwich panels in Iran

Wall and ceiling panels are used to implement the sandwich panel shed. Roofs are covered with sandwich panels on a wide area, walls are covered with wall sandwich panels. Building a shed with panels reduces cost and economic growth, and these new materials are a suitable alternative to traditional materials due to their high resistance and light weight.

The skeletonization of the shed is done with the help of metals, which are flexible and expensive. The best structure for building a shed is a sandwich panel, which is affordable in terms of cost. In the previous articles, wall and ceiling sandwich panels have been presented in detail. For more information, you can read the articles. Please read.

سوله صنعتی اصفهان

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The Kimia panel factory in Shiraz has started working with the benefit of engineers and consultants, designers and with the support of technical and expert forces, and for most projects, in addition to the quality control of products, with the benefit of tools, precise and advanced control of scientific and research centers. It tests and matches the characteristics of applied materials with international standards and is always one of the pioneers in providing new designs in the production process and implements all kinds of structures.


What is a shed?

Another name for a shed is an industrial shed, which is a metal structure with a sloping roof. It is the most preferred method for creating an ideal space, which is low-cost in terms of the economic cycle. Industrial panels have attracted the attention of engineers due to the saving of natural and economic resources of the society. Sandwich panels are used for the construction of walls and ceilings.

Industrial sheds are suitable for building shopping centers, sports halls, exhibitions, etc.

اسکلت سوله

Types of sheds based on structure and appearance

  1. Arched or crescent-shaped pillars
  2. Sole with a common column
  3. Sole with common middle columns
  4. A multi-span cell with a column
  5. Single slope
  6. Single-slope platform with middle column
  7. Single-slope platform with middle columns
  8. Single-slope slab connected to the building
type of sole

Building a shed with a pillar for the foundation and benefiting from various connections, the components of the structure are connected together. To create more strength and also to prevent rust and decay, concrete pillars can be installed on the foundation.

Since the columns may be fully exposed to oxygen, which doubles the risk of rotting, stainless steel can be used to build the shed. The roof is covered with sandwich panels, which are available in different shapes.


Double sheet or single sheet, single sheet, foil, etc. Covering the shed includes two parts, the body and the roof, each of which is done by a special sandwich panel. Points to be considered such as the length of the hall, internal floors, the amount of snowfall in the area and also the width of the hall can affect the size and type of sandwich panel.

If the shed is not built with the necessary standards and technical specifications, it will suffer a lot of damage.

The advantages of running sheds with sandwich panels

  1. Prefabricated walls are light weight because the wall structure is a sandwich panel.
  2. Due to the speed in transportation, the construction of sheds with sandwich panels is easily done at heights.
  3. The panels are completely insulated against cold, heat, sound, moisture.
  4. It is resistant to the penetration of vermin, mold, fungus.
  5. Building a shed with sandwich panels increases the lifespan of the structure and resists natural events such as earthquakes and storms.
  6. Creating more space due to the low thickness of the sandwich panel
  7. Building a shed with a prefabricated sandwich panel structure is more resistant because the concrete layers are strong against fire.
  8. It is possible to install electricity, gas, telephone, and even water and sewage pipes into the shed.
  9. The beds produced with sandwich panel can be washed and because they are good insulation, it prevents the loss of heat and cold energy.
سوله دوستون

Types of shed cover with sandwich panels

The sandwich panel has a composite and coherent structure that consists of 3 layers and is limited to the sheet from the top and bottom layers, and the middle core is polyurethane foam insulation. Polyurethane foam is very soft and light and has a special feature.

Sandwich panels are divided into two types, wall and ceiling. Due to its light texture, it is a good alternative to brick, concrete, and clay panels. Sandwich panels are produced in different types, such as wall, ceiling, and cold storage.


Sandwich panels are normally double sheets, which are made of galvanized, aluminum, or aluzinc materials, or they are supplied as single sheets or round sheets, the sheet used in the panel can have a great impact on the quality and life of the structure.

سوله دو ستون وسط1

Covering the roof of the shed with sandwich panels

Roof sandwich panels are used to cover the roof of the shed. The material of this panel can be polystyrene, polyurethane, stone wool or even galvanized sheet.

It is tried to be made from the best materials and it is often produced in a sloping manner. The insulation in the panel is not a suitable place for the growth of plants and mushrooms. The lack of smell and lack of necessary space for insect nests is very suitable for covering the roof.

The implementation of the roof of the shed with sandwich panels is of great importance and differentiates it from other structures. The roof is sloped and the truss is made of galvanized material and the facade is a clay design. The roof sandwich panel is a new product in sloping designs. It is resistant to fire, torrential rain, and storm and has a long life.


Shed wall covering with sandwich panel

Shed walls are made with wall sandwich panels or cement blocks, concrete blocks, cement or brick walls. The panels produced in sandwich panel types are polyurethane, polystyrene, rock wool…. Polystyrene foam is much lighter than polyurethane, but In contrast, stone wool and polyurethane foam is not resistant to impact and fire. Therefore, it is less useful.

Sandwich wall panels are suitable for producing workshops, chicken farms, growing mushrooms, flowers and plants, and even housing sheds. There are many types of sandwich wall panels, such as clean room wall sandwich panels, which are used to build clean rooms and can be washed and disinfected. The hidden screw sandwich panel has a high resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet rays and is a suitable insulator for sound and moisture. This structure gives a special beauty to the exterior and interior of the structure.

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