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Production process of sandwich panel with polyurethane core in iran

Production process of sandwich panel with polyurethane core in iran

In the sandwich panel production process, galvanized sheets with a thickness of five tenths of millimeters are covered with electrostatic paint.


After being placed on the roll holder, the sheet is shaped towards the roll forming and becomes resistant to bending, then it is shaped by the roll forming and becomes resistant to bending.

After taking shape, the sheet is cut to the desired size and transferred to the preheated table.


On the preheated table, the molding process is done in such a way that one sheet is placed below and one sheet is on top, and between them, molds and spacers are placed to provide sufficient and desired space for foam injection.


In the next step, the prepared mold is directed under the press to be under about 100 times of pressure.

After placing the mold under the press, we reach the injection stage, where after the exact calculation of the space between the mold according to the thickness of the panel and the initial settings, the injection machine injects pentane, isocyanate and polyurethane gas from its tanks with a pressure above 120 The load strongly mixes with each other and leads to the space between the sheets in the mold.


In the next step, depending on the thickness, the sandwich panel remains under the press for 10 to 20 minutes until the foam formation process is completed and it cools down, then the final product is prepared and the packaging is done to prevent possible damages and is ready. It is loaded.


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