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Sandwich panel in Sistan Baluchistan

Sandwich panel in Sistan Baluchistan

Sandwich panel in Sistan Baluchistan | Buy sandwich panel in Zahedan | Sell sandwich panel in Zahedan | Types of sandwich panel in Sistan Baluchistan

The purpose of this article is to review and analyze the manufacturers of polyurethane sandwich panels in Sistan Baluchistan province, Zahedan. To get more information about sandwich panels in Zahedan, join us.


Zahedan sandwich panel is a unique and prefabricated structure that has come into existence with the increasing progress of technology and has attracted the attention of many structural engineers and architects. This prefabricated structure is used to build all kinds of buildings, factories, sheds, and even Construction of large projects can be used. Sandwich panel is produced in two main types of ceiling and wall sandwich panels. If we want to briefly explain the types of ceiling sandwich panels; Including galvanized sandwich panel, aluzinc sandwich panel, aluminum sandwich panel, polystyrene sandwich panel, polyurethane sandwich panel, XPS sandwich panel, stone wool sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel, cold storage sandwich panel, clean room sandwich panel.


Cold storage sandwich panel is special for covering cold storage walls. The sandwich panel of the clean room is for covering the clean room or the clean room. The sandwich panel of the clean room is designed in such a way that it minimizes the amount of pollutants. XPS sandwich panel is very light and flexible, and at the same time, it is very resistant and has a long life.

Geographical location of Sistan Baluchistan province

Sistan-Baluchistan province, located in the east and southeast of Iran and centered in Zahedan city, is the largest province in the country with an area of more than 11 observations of the total area of the country. Due to its geographical, strategic and transit location, it is of great value. This province is the port of Chabahar, which is the only oceanic port of Iran and the easiest route to the open waters of Central Asian countries. This province has various industries, including chemical industries, machinery, and food.



It definitely has many industrial towns that use sandwich panels to build sheds and sandwich panels are used to cover roofs, walls and factories. It should be mentioned that this province is located on the mineral metal belt that starts from Europe and continues towards Khash and Zahedan after passing through Minab and Jazmurian heights. It includes rich mineral resources, metallic and non-metallic minerals. According to the collected information, mineral capabilities are among the important capabilities of this province.



A major part of known metallic and non-metallic deposits is the basis of large mining industries.

Among the mineral resources of Sistan Baluchistan province, we can mention significant reserves of granite, copper, chromite, titanium, iron, gold, marble, and iron ore. It has achieved the 18th rank in the country. The most important industrial units of this province include Fars and Sistan cement factory, Razavi bread factory, fish processing factory, canning factory, metal structure factories, chemical industries and agricultural pesticides.

The famous cities of this province include Zahedan, Zabul, Iranshahr, Chabahar, Saravan, Khash, Kanarak, Sarbaz, Mirjaveh, Qasr Qand, Fanuj, Mehrestan, Zahk, Delgan, Sarbaz, Nikshahr, Hirmand.

Kimia Panel Company produces all kinds of ceiling and wall sandwich panels

Kimia Panel, Kimia Panel produces polyurethane sandwich panels

Kimia Panel Company is a well-known name in the field of the largest producer of ceiling and wall sandwich panels, cold storage sandwich panels, clean room sandwich panels, single-layer insulated foil sandwich panels, hidden screw sandwich panels, fireproof sandwich panels, as well as fixed and mobile shelters. , fixed and mobile cold storage, above zero and below zero and refrigerated rooms, has started its activity in this field and is the largest producer of sandwich panels in Shiraz and neighboring provinces.


Each and every employee and specialist of this group is always trying to improve the quality level of the products and provide better services in line with proper sales. implementable and provide perfect structures for various guilds.

Sandwich panel in Zahedan|Sandwich panel in Sistan Baluchistan

Kimia sandwich panel in Zahedan: sandwich panel can be applied and presented as wall and ceiling, and the customer depends on his needs and the amount of budget with our experts. Then he ordered the sandwich panel from Kimia in Zahedan and delivered it to the place after production and installed it. The implementation of sandwich panel consists of a skilled team of installers and within a short period of a few days, a maximum of a week, they operate the structure according to your taste.

What is a sandwich panel? Sandwich panel of Sistan Baluchistan

Sandwich panel is a coherent combination of three layers, which is bounded by steel, aluminum, and zinc sheets on both sides, which has a very high resistance to corrosion and rust. The zinc part is covered with a layer of special primer and 25 micron polyester paint. Polyurethane insulation with closed cell structure is placed in the middle part. Polyurethane foam is among the best thermal and sound insulation. In today’s era, when the whole world is moving towards superior quality in the construction industry and processes, the use of this solution is very common and popular.

Thickness of sandwich panel type in Sistan Baluchistan

The sheets embedded in the sandwich panel include aluzinc, galvanized, aluminum, the thickness of the sheets is about 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm, which are painted with furnace colors with a thickness of 25 microns, and on the outside, 0.7 microns of furnace primer color, which depends on the type of sandwich panel.

Types of foam used in Zahedan sandwich panels

The foam placed in the central part of the sandwich panel is defined as polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool, glass wool, each of which is considered dependent on the needs of the applicant. The density of the middle foam is about 40 kg per cubic meter.

Roof sandwich panel in Sistan Baluchistan

The most important part of a roof structure is that it is very important in terms of material. Therefore, the sandwich panel needs trapezoidal steps to cover the roof due to water impenetrability. Overlapping the free edge prevents water from entering the structure. The ceiling sandwich panel is produced in two forms, both double-sided and single-sided, with aluminum or galvanized foil. For the beauty of the roof facade, it can be created on both sides of the slope or on one side of the slope.

Sandwich wall panel in Sistan Baluchistan

Wall sandwich panel is used to cover the walls of shed, workshop, office and residential structures. It is used to be placed in the walls of the shed. The thickness of industrial cold stores, all kinds of sheds, walls and internal partitions of the structure is about 4 to 12 cm.

Cold room sandwich panel in Sistan Baluchistan

The defined thickness for cold storage sandwich panel construction is about 8 to 15 cm. Due to overlapping, the amount of heat transfer is minimized and it is the best option for the production of cold storage. The cold room sandwich panel is used for the wall and ceiling of the cold room. According to the amount of heat exchange, the most suitable thickness is about 8 to 15 cm.

Features of sandwich panel of Sistan Baluchistan

  1. Resistant to cold, heat, heat, cold
  2. High strength in any climatic conditions
  3. Long life and environmentally friendly
  4. Easy to install and carry
  5. Resistant to corrosion, decay and insect infestation
  6. Optimal and affordable price compared to traditional materials

Clean room sandwich panel or clean room

Clean room refers to a place that is used for laboratory, scientific and industrial research. The activities that take place here require a space with minimal environmental pollutants. The pollutants usually include the dust of microbes suspended in the space, which has a certain number of particles in each cubic meter, and the sandwich panel for the clean room is a double flat sheet that is functional. The best type of sandwich panel is for use in a clean room.

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