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What is a cold storage sandwich panel?

Getting to know the cold storage facility in Iran

In this article, we are going to examine the topic of cold storage sandwich panel and provide useful information to you dear ones. As we know, there are different materials for building roofs and walls. For example, we can mention the types of roofs or walls made of concrete beams, steel, bricks, etc. Meanwhile, a much better material has been used and is known as sandwich panel. In the following, information will be given regarding the type of cold storage. Stay with us until the end.

What is a cold storage sandwich panel?

As we know, sandwich panels are a type of material for building roofs and walls. Cold storage sandwich panel is a type of this material that will be very suitable for building spaces like cold storage. In other words, if the built space requires a certain temperature, you should use a variety of cold storage sandwich panels for its roof and walls.


We definitely know that the environment of the cold room needs a low temperature and different materials should be used for its construction. Certainly, every space such as residential environments faces temperature problems in different seasons of the year and we use different devices such as heaters and coolers. Meanwhile, in relation to the discussion of the cold room, we must think of a solution to maintain a cool temperature.


In other words, we must be able to maintain this cold temperature in the cold room and prevent it from going outside. This issue has a great impact on the performance of the cold room, otherwise people will have to pay a lot of money for the low temperature of that environment, and it will not be economical at all.

On the other hand, we should note that for other environments where temperature is an issue, we should use cold storage sandwich panels so that we can maintain the existing temperature with their help. As we know, a lot of energy must be consumed to cool or heat the environment, so what better way to use the right sandwich panel for this matter to save energy consumption and payment costs.

Cold storage sandwich panel structure

All sandwich panels are produced in a special format and have three components. Cold storage sandwich panel has exactly three components, two of which are metal and the other is foam. It should be noted that the metal parts in the structure are for its high strength and the foam part is actually the temperature insulation. Many people use this type of panels for their cold storage building to reduce costs.

One of the most important differences between cold storage sandwich panels and other panels is that the thickness of the mentioned layers is greater than normal. This will cause the temperature to last. Maybe you won’t get the desired result by using ordinary sandwich panels for spaces like the cold room and you will face the waste of cool air.

Meanwhile, the use of a sandwich panel for cold storage will have the best performance and it was made for this very reason. If we want to discuss more about the sandwich panel structure, we can mention the material of its central layer. When the purpose of using these sandwich panels is to maintain the temperature, then we should look for a material that has a very low thermal conductivity. In other words, this material does not pass the temperature.

According to a lot of research, we came to the conclusion that polyurethane has a very low thermal conductivity and is one of the best things that can be used in the construction of cold storage panels. It should be noted that in order to determine the material of the central layer of sandwich panels, a lot of research was done between new and old materials so that we could choose the best option.

As you were with us in the above lines, the sandwich panel is a cold storage consisting of three layers. For this reason, we should know that the metal layers of these panels are made of galvanized sheets. If you have information about this, you definitely know that galvanized metal sheets have a very high resistance and are a good option for maintaining temperature.

How to arrange cold storage sandwich panel

Maybe you are curious about how each of the sandwich panels fit together? For this reason, we must say that when making all kinds of sandwich panels, they use the rule of male and female construction. This rule is designed to help you place each of the male panels next to the female panel so that they fit together easily.

If we want to explain this issue in another way, we should say that the two types of sandwich panel edges help to place them more easily so that they can be locked together. This issue increases their efficiency and you can install them easily. One of the most important issues that we must mention in this section of the article is the speed of installation and implementation of sandwich panels.

Using old materials to build a roof or wall is very time-consuming and requires special skills. This is despite the fact that the use of sandwich panels, like old materials, does not require installation skills, and on the other hand, they will be implemented quickly. This issue has caused an increase in fans of panels. These days, we see the use of sandwich panels for all buildings, and this shows their superiority compared to old materials.

Selling all kinds of cold storage sandwich panels

Perhaps you have been asked that cold storage sandwich panels, despite being very practical and popular, are only used in the construction of walls and ceilings of cold storage? No, these practical materials are used for many things and manufacturers use them to prepare and build industrial refrigerators. As mentioned, the sandwich panels were made with a lot of research in a way that they can keep the ambient temperature constant.

For this reason, they are definitely used in many cases. As you know, refrigerators also need to maintain a cold temperature, otherwise a lot of energy must be used to keep the existing materials cool. In this way, the manufacturers of refrigerators came up with the idea of ​​using sandwich panels in its walls to keep the existing temperature and the health of the products would not be lost.

In addition to these cases, the sandwich panel can be used in any case where temperature maintenance is required. For example, we can use these practical materials in mushroom production workshops, meat and chicken packaging workshops, etc. It has even been seen in many cases that different people use these panels to build their homes or office buildings so that they can use its benefits. In the following, we will fully examine the advantages of sandwich panels. Stay with us.

ساخت سردخانه با ساندویچ پانل

The advantages of using cold storage sandwich panels

Maybe you have thought of using sandwich panels to build a cold room or any other place, considering the above. For this reason, it is necessary to discuss its advantages in detail.

  • Very high speed of installation and execution
  • Small round and low deviation during execution
  • Production of the best building materials
  • Maintaining the ambient temperature
  • Reducing future costs for constant hot or cold environment
  • Beautiful and one-handed performance
  • Reducing labor costs for installation and implementation
  • Less weight compared to old materials
  • Efficiency for all environments, especially for environments that need to maintain temperature
  • Suitability for the roof, wall and floor of the building
  • Easy and hassle-free implementation
  • No need for initial and final setting like old materials
  • Quick use after installation
  • High color variation
  • Reducing paint and painting costs after installation


In this part, we tried to check the different and very good advantages of cold storage sandwich panels, and if you intend to implement them, do so with full knowledge.

Cold storage sandwich panel suitable for floor surfaces

As mentioned in the above lines, we can use all kinds of sandwich panels suitable for the floor. Definitely, the question that arises for you dear ones is what features the right floor model has. For this reason, we have to say that the sandwich panel manufacturing factories thought of producing models suitable for the floor after receiving a lot of people’s attention.


For this reason, in many cases, such as cold storages, you can use a suitable sandwich panel for the floor of the building and benefit from its many advantages. For example, imagine that in cold storages, no temperature from the wall, ceiling and floor has gone out, and all the cool temperature created remains in the environment. Yes, in this case, we will face a reduction in electricity costs. For this reason, those who are forward-looking use these types of panels.

The weight of the structure

If you have information about civil and construction issues, you definitely know that the structures in question must be built in a way that has a suitable weight. If we want to briefly mention this issue, we must say that the increase in the weight of the building and structure will be equal to the increase in the probability of being damaged by an earthquake. For this reason, all engineers try to complete the structure from the beginning of design to the last stage of implementation in a way that does not have high weight.


Cold storage sandwich panel is one of the best materials that is not only light in weight but also very easy to install and implement. For this reason, if you are thinking about the basic implementation of your building, be sure to use a sandwich panel that has a very suitable weight.

سردخانه با سازه ساندویچ پانل


Finally, we can state all the above in this way that cold storage sandwich panels are one of the best options that you can use to build and run your building. One of the best functions of the sandwich panel for the roof, wall and floor of cold stores is that we can maintain the ambient temperature with its help. By using these new materials, we can try to reduce energy costs such as electricity. On the other hand, the appropriate weight of these structures helps us to have a more earthquake-resistant building. Among the other uses of this type of panels, we can mention their use in industrial refrigerators.

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